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Have used Dave and his company for years. Having a accident is rough as it is and they make it as easy as possible. His work is amazing and his quality control is what you want with such a business. I recommend him to anyone I know who is looking for body work!

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Dave and Ed were great to work with after I was backed into by another car. They took care of everything with insurance company and rental. The work looks great. You'd never know anything happened.

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Got into an accident last December. Other driver claimed 100% liability. When I brought my vehicle to them, they said the rust on my car from before the accident couldn't be fixed unless I payed for it, I told them kiss to do what insurance company would cover. When I picked my car up, they had put that in with the price and fixed it on the insurance company's dollar. Also, when I explained to the receptionist that I couldn't afford a rental, my insurance would only reimburse after the fact, she said "we'll see about that." When she called a few hrs later, she had convinced them to give me a rental free of charge. My agent said they NEVER do that. Great family run business, friendly and efficient. If I ever need body work again, I'm absolutely going back there.


They made my car like new! Amazing after you've hit a 300 pound deer going 65 on the highway. They did such a good job that after my spinout on black ice this week... it's right back in their shop!


I've been using Kingston Collision for ten years now and they are the best auto mobile repair shop in the area. I t would be worth your while to travel to them within Ulster or Dutchess county to have them service your vehicle. I f you hit a deer, like I did, or have an accident skidding on ice, DAVE ROWE will put your mind and pocketbook at ease. This place is rarity in our times.


Recently I hit a deer, and a week later a friend backed into my driver's siden door. Kingston Collision fixed it all at a very reasonable price. The people there are very friendly and courteous, and most importantly honest. I highly recommend them to everyone.


We love Kingston Collision. Their great service and family atmosphere really helped our family get over the trauma of smashing up our Toyota Highlander. I highly recommend them if you want your car to look like new at an honest price, and have it back as soon as possible.


So how can you love a body shop? Because it's run by David and Lisa. First they do amazingly good work. I have a Volkswagen and they use only original VW parts. I have had two "fixes" done and I forget where the work was done. Second, the word is done on time and when promised. Lisa arranged a rental vehicle. All I had to do was show up and all was taken care of and finished on time. They worked through the insurance company and all was seamless.

Lastly, you can be assured this shop is honest. I find this trust in a body shop almost a first in my long driving career. Lisa and David are amazingly pleasant and a pleasure to visit.

Thank you David and Lisa!


Simply the best! The friendly, efficient, honest, and knowledgeable staff made the whole process easy: from the initial intake to dealing with the insurance company to obtaining a rental vehicle to the final repairs. And I can't say enough good things about those repairs. Simply put, my car looks factory-perfect. As you can tell, I'm thrilled with these folks, and I recommend them to anyone who wants a completely stress-free experience, with perfect results. A-plus work!

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Dave and the team at Kingston Collision took extra good care of me and my car after hitting a deer last month. From having a rental car right there on the premises, to insisting that my insurance company pay for the safer and more expensive manufacturers replacement parts - their service and communication with me throughout the process was excellent! And the car is simply perfect. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who needs body work. I hope I never need to, but if so I will definitely go back!


So much more than 'collision'! In the past year I've had oil changes, brakes, battery replaced, inspection and diagnostic testing done on both my car and my client's cars. You all have been a life saver and I appreciate your willingness in being so flexible. I can't say enough good things about my experiences with you... Thank you!!! 👍🏻


Kingston Collision was great to deal with. We had an incident with our van where the roof was damaged. They gave us a great price and were willing to work with our schedule. When we got it back you couldn't tell anything had happened. I highly recommend Kingston collision. Keep up the good work!


As a busy professional who runs her own business and as a basically helpless female when it comes to her car, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me deal with BOTH of my accidents in the past few months.

Not only was the repair work impeccable- truly masterful- but the prompt service was just a delight. You guys keep me appraised every step of the way regarding my repairs. Dave was so patient with me as I asked a million questions and Lisa always was so cheerful when I called and so helpful in walking me through the insurance process, assisting me in securing a rental car, even advising me on whether to go through insurance or not! I already have so many colleagues, clients, and friends who swear by Kingston Collision. Now I know why.

This week's latest "adventure in car trouble" was just another example of your stellar customer service. That tiny, teeny, little rattle I heard? Well, you treated it like it was a major issue that needed absolute immediate attention. As they say, "no job too small".

Please don't hesitate to give my name to anyone looking for a recommendation for car repair or detailing (yours was the cheapest and best I 've ever had! ) I am just over-themoon-happy with my experiences at Kingston Collision and while I hope I can avoid another accident, I am so happy to know that I can count on you for taking such good care of me, for such sharp prices and for top-notch, quality repairs with perfect attention to even the smallest details.


To Lisa, David, and staff, As you all know living in the Catskills with no car is tough. Thank you for making it easier in so many ways.

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Dear David, Thank you so much for repairing my car so well and so quickly on Monday. It certainly made my day. If ever I have problems or collisions - you will be the first person I call.


My car was sideswiped while parked - a hit-and-run - and the passengerside doors were bashed in. Drove to Kingston Collision and they were straightforward and helpful. After claim went through and they were working on my car, they picked me up at the bus station with no problem and in general made the whole broken-car-gets-fixed experience as easy as possible. And they are fine, honest people with kind attitudes. The car looks like new - great work!


Dave, Lisa, and the whole staff are friendly, efficient, experienced, and best of all:HONEST. They will help you make the right decision to repair your car in the best and most cost effective way. They will get your rental car delivered, take care of all the paperwork, and their helpful friendly manner makes the whole repair process a painless experience. You don't often find a business that still operates with integrity and skill being their most important characteristic instead of how much money they can get out of you. I highly recommend Kingston Collision. Choose them and you will be pleased with your decision.

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